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1 Assessing Capacity Building Initiatives for Caretakers of Rural Water Supply Sense District [DVS0100] ₦ 5,000
2 Addressing The Poor Academic Performance Of Students In The Kumbungu District [DVS0099] ₦ 5,000
3 Influence Of Livelihood Enhancement Programmes On Rural-Urban Migration In The Eastgonja District Of Northern Region [DVS0098] ₦ 5,000
4 Empowering Returnee Migrants: The Case Of “Kayayei” In The Kubori Community Of The Mamprugu Moaduri District Of Ghana [DVS0097] ₦ 5,000
5 Addressing The Incidence Of In-School Adolescent Pregnancy In The Tolon District Of The Northern Region Of Ghana [DVS0096] ₦ 5,000
6 An Evaluation of Community Care in Nigeria Project on The Secure Livelihood of Orphans Vulnerable Children in Selected Communities of Anambra State Nigeria [DVS0095] ₦ 5,000
7 Effects of Minimum Wage in Public Sector on Selected Macroeconomic Variables in Nigeria [DVS0094] ₦ 5,000
8 A Comparative Study of Staff Turnover in Selected Male And Female Headed Small And Medium Enterprises in Enugu Urban [DVS0093] ₦ 5,000
9 Relationship Between Capacity Building Efforts of Selected Initiatives on Sustenance of Women in Enterprises in Awgu LGA Enugu State [DVS0092] ₦ 5,000
10 Determinants of Anti-Social Among Students in Selected Universities in Enugu Metropolis [DVS0091] ₦ 5,000
11 Access And Use of Long Lasting Insecticide- Treated Net Among Households in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria [DVS0090] ₦ 5,000
12 The Civil Protection Unit’s Preparedness And Its Role In Disaster Management: The Case Of Nyanga Rural District. [DVS0089] ₦ 5,000
13 An Evaluation of The Impact of Tobacco Farming on Livelihoods And Land Degradation. A Case Study of Mount bokoto, ward 24, murewa District from 2000-2013. [DVS0088] ₦ 5,000
14 The contribution of the mining sector to rural socio-economic development. A focus of unki mines corporate social responsibility: Zimbabwe (2004-2014) [DVS0087] ₦ 5,000
15 The impacts of child marriages on young girls. Case study of mutasa district. [DVS0086] ₦ 5,000
16 Assessing and explaining the female condom uptake in chikomba district. [DVS0085] ₦ 5,000
17 The impact of Village Savings and Lending Associations on Rural Livelihoods: A case of Vheneka Village: Chipinge district [DVS0084] ₦ 5,000
18 The Influence Of Women’s Formal Employment On Changing Gender Roles In Kenya Reinsurance (Kenya Re) Estate Kisumu County [DVS0083] ₦ 5,000
19 Impact of Ngos Intervention on Capacity Development of Small Scale Farmers: A Case of Ward 5 of Mutasa Disrtict. [DVS0082] ₦ 5,000
20 An Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Southern African Development Community (Sadc) In Resolving The Zimbabwe Crisis From 2000-2016 [DVS0081] ₦ 5,000
21 Indigenous Knowledge Systems employed in child health care in Manicaland: Case of Mutare [DVS0080] ₦ 5,000
22 The Contributions of Conservation Agriculture Towards Food Security in Zaka District, [DVS0079] ₦ 5,000
23 Effects Of Integrated Tree Based Food-Energy System On The Livelihoods Of Small-Holder Farmers’ Perceptions In Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya [DVS0078] ₦ 5,000
24 The Effects Of Co-Education On The Performance Of Girls And Boys In KCSE In Taita Taveta District Of Coast Province In Kenya [DVS0077] ₦ 5,000
25 Gender Disparities In Natural Resource Management: A Case Study Of Quarrying In Juja Location Of Thika West District [DVS0076] ₦ 5,000
26 The Influence Of Community Based Savings Micro Finance On Poverty Eradication In Uganda: A Case Study Of Kabwohe Town Council, Sheema District [DVS0075] ₦ 5,000
27 Effect of collective community participation on household income. A case study of bugulumbya sub county, kamuli district, uganda [DVS0074] ₦ 5,000
28 The Causes Of Sexual And Gender Based Voilence Among The Rural Communities: A Case Study Of Padyere County, Nebbi District [DVS0073] ₦ 5,000
29 Local Government And Poverty Alleviation In Nabutiti Parish, Makindye Division, Of Kampala, Uganda [DVS0072] ₦ 5,000
30 The influence of monitoring and evaluation on academic performance of upe schools: a case of nkondo sub-county buyende district. [DVS0071] ₦ 5,000
31 The Rate Of Infant And Child Mortality Among The Illiterate Communities Of Nebbi District [DVS0070] ₦ 5,000
32 Political Decentralization And Social Service Deli Very In Wamala Sub-county, Wakiso District Uganda [DVS0069] ₦ 5,000
33 The Impact Of Agricultural Modernization On Economic Development In Rural Communities Of Uganda A Case Study Of Apac District, Northern Uganda [DVS0068] ₦ 5,000
34 Challenges Of Solid Waste Management A Case Study Of Wabigalo Parish, Makindye Division Kampala District [DVS0067] ₦ 5,000
35 Domestic Violence And Family Values: An Analysis Of Male And Female Intimate Partner Victims Kiboga District Kapeke Sub County [DVS0066] ₦ 5,000
36 Training And Performance Of Students In Lira Municipality. The Case Of Ojwina Division [DVS0065] ₦ 5,000
37 The Impacts Of Food Insecurity Among The Residents Of Endebes Division In Trans-Zoia County [DVS0064] ₦ 5,000
38 Adaptation to Urban Floods Among the Poor in The Accra Metropolitan Area [DVS0063] ₦ 5,000
39 Tile Role of Non-Government Organizations Towards Youth Empowerment A Case Study Of Manafwa District -Uganda [DVS0062] ₦ 5,000
40 Assessing The Contribution of Abek (Alternative Basic Education for Karamoja) on the Uplift of Girl Child Education in Rupa Sub-County, Moroto District, North Eastern Uganda [DVS0061] ₦ 5,000
41 Community Participation and Community Empowerment in Mugoye Sub County: Kalangala District Centraluganda [DVS0060] ₦ 5,000
42 Influence of Gender-Based Violence on Absolute Poverty Among Women in Madogo Ward, Tana River County, Kenya [DVS0059] ₦ 5,000
43 Land Conflicts and Women's Social Economic Wellbeing in Western Division, Tororo District, Uganda [DVS0058] ₦ 5,000
44 Poverty and Crime in Fort Portal Municipality, Kabarole District [DVS0057] ₦ 5,000
45 Problems of Transforming Pastoralist Societies into Modern Agricultural Societies in Amudat District [DVS0056] ₦ 5,000
46 Contributions of Non-Governmental Organizations in Addressing the Welfare of Formerly Abducted Children in Northern Uganda A Case Study of Gulu Support The Children Organisation Gulu District [DVS0055] ₦ 5,000
47 Unemployment and Socio-Economic Impact On Youth of Sheema District [DVS0054] ₦ 5,000
48 Drug Abuse and Youth Development in Northern Division Iganga Municipality Uganda [DVS0053] ₦ 5,000
49 The Impact of Community Driven Development Funds On Livelihoods of People in Kawempe Division, Kampala District [DVS0052] ₦ 5,000
50 Training and Performance of Students in Lira Municipality. The Case of Ojwina Division [DVS0051] ₦ 5,000
51 Poverty and Maternal Health Service Utilization in Rural Households. Kasawo Sub-County-Mukono District [DVS0050] ₦ 5,000
52 Polygamy and Domestic Violence Among Families in Bihanga Subcounty Ntungamo District. Western Uganda [DVS0049] ₦ 5,000
53 The Impact of Decentralization On Service Delivery in Alerek Sub- County, Abim District-North Eastern Uganda [DVS0048] ₦ 5,000
54 Factors Affecting Women’s Maternal Health in Mpownde Ihubiriha Sub-County, Kasese District [DVS0047] ₦ 5,000
55 Decentralization and Health Service Delivery in Ruteete Sub County, Kagadi District Local Gov’t in Western Uganda [DVS0046] ₦ 5,000
56 The Role of Non- Government Organisations Towards Community Filth Development: A case Study of National Community of Women Living with HIV/Aids (Nacwola), Makindye Division, Nsambya Parish. [DVS0045] ₦ 5,000
57 An Investigation of Risk Factors for Repeated Child Abuse of Kaliiro Sub-County, Lyantonde District Southern Central Uganda. [DVS0044] ₦ 5,000
58 The Impact of Mobile Money Services On Business Markets in Uganda A Case Study of Nakawa Municipality [DVS0043] ₦ 5,000
59 The Role of Non-Governmental Organisation (Ngos) In Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights in Uganda A Case Study of Fida Uganda Kibuku District [DVS0042] ₦ 5,000
60 An Investigation of HIV/AIDS Infections and Poverty Among Households in Tegeres Parish, Kapchorwa District Uganda [DVS0041] ₦ 5,000
61 Assess The Impacts of Environmental Health Practice in Kawempe Division in Kampala District [DVS0040] ₦ 5,000
62 • An Assessment of the Impacts of Non-Government Organizations Onpoverty Alleviation In Jinja District Case Study: Buwenge Sub-County [DVS0039] ₦ 5,000
63 The Role of Civil Society Organisations in The Promotion of Women’s Rights in Amolatar Town Council, Amolatar District [DVS0038] ₦ 5,000
64 Save The Children International and Children’s Welfare in Kasese D1strict. [DVS0037] ₦ 5,000
65 Fiscal Decentralization On the Delivery of Health Services in Kasese Municipality, Kasese District [DVS0036] ₦ 5,000
66 Impact of Coffee Growing On Economic Welfare and Development In Bushenyi District [DVS0035] ₦ 5,000
67 Girl Child Drop Out in Upper Primary Schools: A Case Study of Nabwigulu Sub County, Kamuli District, Uganda [DVS0034] ₦ 5,000
68 Fiscal Decentralization and Health Service Delivery in Namuwongo, Makindye Division. [DVS0033] ₦ 5,000
69 Vulnerable Groups and The Socio-Economic Development of the People in Kasese District [DVS0032] ₦ 5,000
70 Women Participation and Peace Making Processes in Somalia a Case Study: Mogadishu City, Somalia [DVS0031] ₦ 5,000
71 Domestic Violence and Pupils’ Academic Performance and School Participation: A Case Study of Butembe Sub County in Jinja District [DVS0030] ₦ 5,000
72 Education and Community Participation in Local Development Projects in Katakwi District: A Case Study of the Conserve Uganda Project in Katakwi Sub County [DVS0029] ₦ 5,000
73 Remuneration and Employee Performance in Local Government in Uganda; A Case Study of Kawolo Sub County in Buikwe District [DVS0028] ₦ 5,000
74 Educational Decentralisation and Public Secondary Schools’ Efficiency in Luwero District, Uganda [DVS0027] ₦ 5,000
75 Female Genital Mutilation and Girl Child Education in Suam Sub - County Bukwo District- Eastern Uganda [DVS0026] ₦ 5,000
76 The Impact of Population Increase On Forest Conservation in Wajir County North Eastern Province Kenya [DVS0025] ₦ 5,000
77 The Need for Gender Mainstreaming Towards Development A Case Study of Mukono District - Uganda [DVS0024] ₦ 5,000
78 The Influence of Physically Disabled Persons on Social Economic Development in Somalia. A Case Study of Puntland [DVS0023] ₦ 5,000
79 Female Genital Mutilation And Womens Participation In Development In Kitowoi Sub-county, Kween District- Uganda [DVS0022] ₦ 5,000
80 The Contribution of the Youth Livelihood Programme Towards Youths’ Income: A Case Study of Kawempe Division Kampala District [DVS0021] ₦ 5,000
81 The Impact of Alcohol Abuse On the Well Being of the People in Slum Areas. A Case Study of Kalalaka Division in Palisa District [DVS0020] ₦ 5,000
82 The Influence of Physically Disabled Persons on Social Economic Development in Somalia. A Case Study of Puntland [DVS0019] ₦ 5,000
83 Child Labour and Performance of Pupils in Gulu Municipality, Northern Uganda [DVS0018] ₦ 5,000
84 An Investigation of Environmental Risk Factors Influencing Chorela Epidemic in Magale Sub-county, Manafwa District of Eastern Uganda [DVS0017] ₦ 5,000
85 Alcohousm and Domesi Violence in Nakawa Division, Kampala District [DVS0016] ₦ 5,000
86 The Influence of Urban Population Behaviour on Solid Waste Management in Jinja Town [DVS0015] ₦ 5,000
87 The Contributions of Non~Governmental Organizations in Social Development. A Case Study of Moroto District, Uganda [DVS0014] ₦ 5,000
88 Challenges of Decentralization System of Local Government. A Case Study: Adyel Division, Lira Municipality. Lira District [DVS0013] ₦ 5,000
89 The Impact of Poverty and Child Mortality in Uganda. A Case of Kanungu District [DVS0012] ₦ 5,000
90 The Domestic Violence On School Going Children in, Ntoroko District: (A Case Study of Rwebisingo Sub-County) [DVS0011] ₦ 5,000
91 The Contribution of NGOs to The Welfare of Vulnerable Groups in Kapchorwa Municipality Kapchorwa District [DVS0010] ₦ 5,000
92 An Assessment On Health Workers and Medical Health Service Delivery in Uganda; A Case Study of Tororo Main Hospital Tororo District - Uganda. [DVS0009] ₦ 5,000
93 Oil Exploitation and Challenges of Development in the Niger Delta Region [DVS0008] ₦ 5,000
94 The Role of NGOS in the Development and Integration of Batwa People into Local Communities in Muko Sub-County Kabale District [DVS0007] ₦ 5,000
95 The Contribution of Local Leaders in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building in Mogdishu Somalia [DVS0006] ₦ 5,000
96 Climate Variability and Household Food Security in Masisi, North Kivu Province, Dr Congo [DVS0005] ₦ 5,000
97 Local Governance and Conflict Management. A Case of Baidoa District, Somalia [DVS0004] ₦ 5,000
98 Traditional Leaders in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in Ogaden Region, Ethiopia [DVS0003] ₦ 5,000
99 Parenting and Students’ Social Behaviour in Public Secondary Schools in Makindye Division, Kampala Uganda [DVS0002] ₦ 5,000
100 Women and Peace Building in Mogadishu Somalia [DVS0001] ₦ 5,000
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