Studying Tips: The Strategies Of Successful Students


Part of doing what I do means that I get a lot of time to study successful people at the top of their game. One type that I really like to study is successful students that I can learn better studying techniques from. Lucky for me, being based in Oxford I have no shortage of students to study. Here are some tips that I have picked up over time. I hope that they will help you if you are studying at the moment.

1. Location, location, location... Find a place to study that won’t sap your concentration. For instance sitting in a bar with interesting people might not be the best place for you; however a nice quiet park or even a room at home could be your best bet!

2. Use Your Brains Habitual Side… If you decide to stick to a hefty amount of studying – it might look exciting in the first instance just how much you will cram in during the term, however it could lead to frustration when you realise that you are missing out on other things. Instead, just start off slowly and get into the habit of studying. This way it will be easier to achieve any goals that you sent yourself.

3. Gather People Around You That Will Help You… When I was studying I had friends from all walks of life that could help me with my studies. I got to know Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Hypnotherapists and a whole range of other therapists that would naturally allow me to pick their brains.

4. Those That Fail to Plan - Plan to Fail… Don’t plan to fail from the off shot. Plan so that you have time for studying, fun, friends, family and lovers. If it is important to you then schedule it so that you don’t miss out on it!

5. Get Good Quality Sleep… You can’t fight the inevitable and if you try to burn the candle at both ends then you will be heading for burnout! Make sure that you give yourself enough sleep each day and that you are eating well too.

6. Set the Standard… When you get round to doing your exams, you are not representing your college, your family or even your country. In fact when you are sat in the examination room you are representing the most important thing in the world – YOU! Raise your standards now in the way that you study and make use of your social life and you will gain some of the most important habits that will serve you throughout life.

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