S No Entomology Project Topics with Materials: Click on a topic to continue Price
1 Evaluation of The Toxicity And Anthelminthic Effect of Methanol Extract of Duranta erecta Fruits [EGY0004] ₦ 5,000
2 Postharvest Losses And Evaluation Of The Bio efficacy Of Chromolaena Odorata And Jatropha Gossypiifolia Against Sitophilus Zeamais Motsch And Tribolium Castaneum Herbst In The Awutu-Senya Dis [EGY0003] ₦ 5,000
3 An Evaluation of Dracunculiasis and The Intervention Strategies Adopted for Its Eradication in Borno State, Nigeria [EGY0002] ₦ 5,000
4 Edible Insect as A Traditional Food Source Among the Akans in Southern Ghana. [EGY0001] ₦ 5,000
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